Article Vs. Blog: The Light Bulb Goes Off

We all have our little pet peeves, don’t we? People who don’t use their turn signals, smack their chewing gum and talk loud in public places on their cell phones come to my mind, as well as those annoying hand dryers in public restrooms that never dry your hands all the way, so you walk out wiping your wet hands on your pants.

As a professional writer and editor for nearly 30 years, I also have a list of pet peeves that have to do with writing. (Kinda weird, I know.) Putting two spaces after a period, overusing exclamation points, and misusing there/their/they’re have long been included, but a new one has recently cracked my list: labeling online content that, to me, is clearly an article as a blog instead.

I got some great feedback to my article last month about the differences between articles and blogs. Along with some research I’ve been doing and conversations I’ve had with content experts, it has changed my thinking when it comes to articles vs. blogs. (more…)


Article vs. Blog: What’s the Difference?

Last month, I touched very briefly on the difference between articles and blogs. This subject came up again recently when I was talking with my good friend and business associate Tom Schroth, the founder of Whiteboard Group LLC, about revamping my website and online content strategy.

Of course, I already write this newsletter once a month, so Tom’s first question to me was: “How will your blog content be different from your newsletter article?” (more…)