What People Are Saying

There’s no better marketing tool-or higher compliment-than the recommendation of satisfied clients and colleagues:

“Don is a highly valuable contributing writer/editor for PRISM Media Group.
His copy is tight, punchy and clean, and he never misses a deadline.”
Mario Medina
Editorial Director, PRISM Media Group

“I’ve worked with Don for more than 10 years and can vouch for his freelance writing abilities. He has extensive knowledge about small-business financial issues, but is always willing to tackle other small-business topics. His sources are top-tier and he delivers on time every time. He’s a go-to writer even on tight deadlines. I’d recommend Don to any editor looking for freelance help.”
Suzanne Martin
Owner, Suzanne Martin, Inc. Editorial Services

“As a business writer I’ve worked with many editors, and Don Sadler ranks at the top. For five years, virtually every article I’ve submitted to him has come back stronger. He doesn’t revise just the sake of change, but nothing gets by him either-not only copyedits, but also fundamental issues of structure, balance, logic, voice and tone.

The best editors are also skilled writers, and Don is that as well. I’ve relied on his work for both research and marketing insight, and I’ve always been struck by his precision, clarity and engaging tone. For anyone seeking a skilled and effective business editor or writer, I’d recommend Don without hesitation.”
Steve Marshall
Owner, Marshall Written Excellence

“As an editor of a brand specializing in content for high-level executives, it’s imperative that I work with writers who are consistent, accurate and professional. Don has demonstrated these traits time and again. I have assigned Don several feature cover stories for the magazine, covering trends and profiling influential executives -most often with very limited time-and will always find the strongest possible angle. As I like to tell him, ‘Good stuff.'”
Drew Ermenc
Executive Editor, Business to Business magazine

“As a McMurry employee, Don worked with me for two years in an environment driven by deadlines. Time Management is Don’s middle name. He adeptly juggled writing and editorial tasks and client outreach, always delivering what he said he would when he said he would. Don is now working with me as a freelance writer on several high-profile, fast-turn-around projects. I’m impressed with Don’s sense of urgency and his knowledge base. He handles requests for additional information or clarification in real time, which makes my job that much easier!”
Emilie Sommerhoff
Creative Director, McMurry

“I’ve worked with Don Sadler for four years, and highly recommend him. Don is a knowledgeable writer, an accomplished editor, and an esteemed colleague. As an occasional writer, I’d produce what I thought were decent articles, but after Don worked his editorial magic they absolutely sparkled. When I asked for suggestions he took time to coach me, and as a result I’m a better writer. I always looked forward to having Don as an editor, since he always made me look so good. As a business writer, Don knows his stuff. He has a great grasp of the banking and financial industries, understands the audiences, and tailors his material accordingly. He’s cheerful and intelligent, a quick learner who adapts to different situations. It was always easy for me to collaborate with Don. In our working relationship, his direct but affable communication style made it easy for us to stay on-point and on time, while enjoying the whole process. I really love working with Don.”
Lee Vikre
Vice President, McMurry

“I have worked with Don in various capacities for 20+ years, starting with a managerial relationship and growing into a peer relationship. Don has strong expertise in the business and financial fields and is a highly disciplined and professional writer and editor. He receives and gives direction well, and his copy is incisive, uncluttered and always drives at the bottom line. I have worked on hundreds of projects with Don and cannot recall him ever missing a deadline. If you have a specific corporate writing need, he is your guy.”
Mark Almand
COO, Elliott Wave International

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