Freelance Business and Financial Writer

Ask anyone who has ever hired a freelance business writer or freelance financial writer and they’ll tell you: There’s just no substitute for experience. This is especially true when it comes to freelance business and financial writing and editing.

Your business or financial writer either “gets it” or doesn’t. Ultimately, it’s the difference between a smooth, hassle-free project that’s on target and exceeds your expectations—and one that falls well short.

As a long-time freelance business and financial writer and editor, I bring more than two decades of valuable experience to each project and assignment. My specialties are freelance business writing and freelance financial writing, two niches where practical experience is essential.

You need a freelance business writer who understands the nuances involved in communicating with executives and entrepreneurs—who knows how to “speak the language” and is comfortable interviewing a small business owner or a Fortune 500 CEO. Or a freelance financial writer who knows the difference between a Roth and traditional IRA or a defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plan. You don’t have the time or patience for on-the-job freelance writer training.

Throughout my professional writing and editing career, I have worked closely with some of the largest banks, accounting firms and mutual fund companies in the country as a freelance business writer and freelance financial writer. These include Bank of America, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, Ernst & Young, Janus Capital Group, Allegiant Funds, and PKF-NA, for whom I have written newsletters (both print and electronic), brochures, white papers, website copy, email campaigns, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Top financial institutions and financial services providers such as these demand the highest quality content and highest levels of professionalism and service from the freelance business writers and freelance financial writers they work with. I would be glad to provide you with references so you can speak with any of my clients to learn more about their professional working relationships with me and my skills as a freelance business writer and freelance financial writer.

In addition, I’ve written for a number of different business and financial publications, both print and online. In particular, I specialize in grasping niche business markets and industries quickly and then writing high-quality content targeted specifically to these audiences. Among the niche industries I have become an expert in are medical and dental practice management; locksmithing, safes and vaults; facility (stadium and arena) management; elevator and escalator installation and service; helical pile manufacturing and installation; automobile dealership management; private aircraft and fractional jet ownership and management; the commercial finance industry; and the accounting industry.

This is in addition to writing articles targeted to the broader small and middle-market and large corporate (Fortune 1,000) audiences. For example, I have been a regular contributor to both Self Employed magazine (targeted to self-employed individuals and micro businesses) and American Executive magazine (targeted to C-level executives) for more than 10 years.

On the financial side, I have written on virtually any financial topic (both business and personal) that you can name, with a particular concentration in taxes and accounting. Other financial topic areas I am very familiar with include retirement plans (from both the plan participant and provider-trustee angles); personal financial planning and retirement planning; sophisticated trust and estate planning strategies; personal investing and portfolio management; and all types of insurance (life, disability, health, P&C, etc.).

I’ve kept my website simple and uncluttered so you can easily learn more about my qualifications as a professional business and financial writer and editor. Just click on the links here for more details on my background and experience, a list of clients I’ve worked with, to view some samples of my work, to read a few testimonials from satisfied clients, or to learn how to contact me directly.

Don Sadler – Freelance Business Writer and Freelance Financial Writer