How to Create Great Whitepapers and eBooks

At the risk of dating myself, I remember when digital publishing first came on the scene in the early 1990s. Before this, layout, typesetting and pagination were done manually by cutting with Exacto knives and pasting with glue. I can still remember watching typesetters follow this tedious and exacting process.…


Six Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

Today, about eight out of 10 Americans, or 233 million people, are active on at least one social media platform. Worldwide, about 4 billion people use social media — that’s more than half of all people on planet Earth. So it’s not surprising that businesses have embraced social media marketing.


Five Ways to Boost E-Newsletter Readership

I sent out the first issue of my e-newsletter The Writer’s Block more than a decade ago in 2011. Since I’d been writing and editing newsletters going all the way back to my first professional job in 1985, this was an obvious step for me to take as a new full-time…


Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Copywriting?

Does anybody else remember a sci-fi movie from the 1990s called The Lawnmower Man? Based loosely on a Stephen King short story, the movie was about an intellectually disabled landscape guy who becomes the subject of a mad scientist-type experiment in which he’s given super-human intelligence and other abilities. I…