Why E-Newsletters Are Still Effective Marketing Tools

I’ve been writing content for newsletters for (gulp!) almost 37 years now. The medium has changed drastically since I started my professional writing career in the 1980s working for a newsletter publishing firm. The biggest change, of course, is the shift from paper to electronic newsletters. I remember when this…


My Top 6 Newsletter Publishing Tips

My very first professional job after I graduated college in 1985 was with a newsletter publishing company. Of course, this was back when newsletters were printed on paper and sent out to readers via snail mail. I’ve been working on newsletters ever since then. I guess you could say that…


Why You Should be Repurposing Your Content

I can’t stand to see anything go to waste. I guess it’s part of my frugal (or some might say cheap) nature, but waste drives me crazy. So I’ll roll up that toothpaste tube and keep squeezing it until I get the last drop of toothpaste out. The same goes…


5 Business Planning Tips for 2021

In my last blog of the year, I’m going to veer a little off my normal path of discussing writing and marketing topics and instead offer a few planning tips for a successful 2021. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you get your business ready for the new year.